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Katelyn’s Kruisers Powered Mobility

Introducing the NEW Katelyn’s Kruisers Powered Mobility Program. 

Why is powered mobility important for children with special needs?

For a child who has limited physical mobility due to a medical diagnosis, their ability to explore and develop is also limited.  By providing a fun way to explore their environment, switch adapted cars give a child the motivation and desire to be on the move.


How to get a car for your child:

1) Complete the contact form below.

2) You will be contacted to schedule an appointment to visit Katelyn’s Kloset for a car fit evaluation.  During this time, you select a car type for you child, determine switch type, and required seating support.  It is helpful to have recommendations for seating support from your child’s therapist.  Complete the Katelyn’s Kruisers Application Form and bring with you to the appointment.

3) The vehicle will be adapted and you be contacted to come back to Katelyn’s Kloset for a test drive and to pick up the adapted car. (Lead time varies based on volunteer support and funding)

What is the Cost?

Katelyn’s Kruisers is a free program for children with special developmental needs up to a $200 value. Donations are appreciated and 100% tax deductible.  All donations are used to provided adapted toys and powered mobility vehicles to children.


Sponsor a Workshop:

Do you have a group who would be interested in volunteering to build adapted cars for children?  Contact us using the form below.

We provide the location, tools, materials, and training.  You just show up and be ready to be amazed at what you can do for a child with just 2 hours of your time!


If you are interested in an adapted car for your child or participating in a workshop, please fill out the contact form below.

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